My Story

I grew up drawing and painting when I was a child, then headed off to the Alberta College of Art and Design as a teen. In 2001, I graduated with a degree in Visual Communications with a focus on Illustration. Over the next few years I worked at various national and international corporations and created over 100 pieces of commercial/editorial illustrations. I also temporarily relocated to London, England for a change of pace and a promising job as a graphic designer with HSBC Investments (UK).

During my time across the pond, the overwhelming amount of gorgeous architecture, museums filled to the brim with fine art, and cultural diversity brought me unimaginable happiness. My passion for art hit a restart button and I devoted countless evenings to painting pictures on the kitchen table in a tiny one-bedroom flat for the year I was abroad.

However, it wasn’t until a car accident in 2008 left me with neck and back injuries that I started painting on a regular basis again as part of my rehabilitation. This experience forced me to slow down and re-evaluate my life purpose. 

I've recently started taking acrylic paint mentoring classes with Mastrius and my inspiration and excitement for my work is at an all time new high. You might see me experimenting with new colors, techniques and subject matter. I'm in a true state of growth and evolution. I now paint every week out of my home-based studio in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.