Care of Artwork Tips

10 Easy, Care of Artwork Tips:

Stack of Towels

1. Proper Transport: Put your artwork in a plastic bag, and then, wrap with a blanket, towel, or sheet for protection. Be sure to put the plastic layer first, because fibers or lint from the fabric could stick to your painting’s varnish.
Stack of Canvas Paintings
2. Conservation: To ensure your artwork lasts, never place anything on the surface of your painting, and avoid stacking paintings one on top of the other, as the varnish may stick and damage your artwork.
Dusting Shelf
3. Easy Cleaning: When cleaning your painting, use a dry, clean, soft brush; avoid contact with moisture.
Corner of Table
4. Effective Storage: Never lean your canvas paintings against anything sharp. Leaning your painting against the edge of a table, or corner of a chair can dent, stretch, or tear canvas fibers. Lay your painting flat, or lean against an even surface.
Hand reaching out to touch
5. Minimal Contact: Because oil marks from fingers can be difficult to remove, avoid touching your painting. Display your painting in a place where guests are unlikely to touch or bump your art.
Car trunk
6. Moderate Temperature: Keep your painting at a moderate temperature. Avoid extreme, or rapid changes in heat or cold. Never leave your painting in a hot car, especially in the trunk, varnish may blister and permanently damage the artwork.
Bright sunlight
7. Gentle Light: Light your painting with an indirect, incandescent light source like a lamp, or gentle overhead unit. Avoid shining a bright light onto your painting, or hanging your art in direct sunlight; UV rays cause discolouration and warping.
Painting on a fireplace
8. Safe Display: Find a safe climate for your painting’s display, away from a direct heat source, radiators, vents, or too near a fireplace. Smoke, ashes, and heat may permanently damage your artwork.
9. Low Moisture: Avoid hanging your artwork in a damp location. Excessive moisture may cause molding.
Spraying a cloth
10. Clean Glass: When cleaning your glass-covered artwork, spray your dust cloth, and then clean the glass. Avoid spraying directly onto the glass.