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High Quality Materials

Acrylic Paints

I exclusively use Golden acrylic paints in all my artwork. Golden art products are professional quality art supplies. The company has been around for over 80 years and they proudly state that their products “Can last hundreds if not thousands of years.” The bright colours of my artwork will not fade, dull or loose their vibrancy over time.

Painting Surface

I only use thick, high quality Arches paper for the foundation of my artwork. Arches paper is valued for its durability, warm-white color and is made in the village of Arches in the Vosges, France. Arches watercolor papers are mouldmade with 100% cotton fiber content. They are acid-free, pH-neutral, gelatin-sized, and air-dried. The arches paper company has been around since 1492.

Acid-Free Framing

The mats and artist framing tape used on each painting are acid-free. Acid-free mats are important for the long term protection of the artwork because acidic mats can cause what is called mat burn, brown marks that creep in from the outside onto the displayed art itself.

Certificate of Authenticity

With every purchase of my artwork a certificate of authenticity is provided. The certificate includes: the title of the painting/print, date, size, artist signature, contact information and collector’s name (will be left blank if unknown). The purpose of the certificate is to help protect against fraud and can even help increase the value of artwork if resold.