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Tulips Original Painting 14" x 18" Framed

Tulips Original Painting 14" x 18" Framed

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In the quiet of dawn, as the world stirs from its slumber, there's a whisper of magic in the air. It's the promise of new beginnings, the symphony of spring unfurling its vibrant colors. And within this enchantment, behold the beauty of my "Tulip Reflections" – a painting that captures the essence of the season with unparalleled grace.

Imagine a glass vase brimming with bright and colorful tulips, each petal a testament to nature's artistry. Red tulips dance alongside their golden companions, their hues intertwining like old friends reunited after a long winter's nap. And amidst them, the leaves sway and flow, a verdant sea that breathes life into the canvas.

The impressionistic style lends a sense of movement to the scene as if the tulips are caught in a gentle breeze, their petals reaching the sun with eager anticipation. It's a vision that speaks to the soul, reminding us of the fleeting beauty that surrounds us, urging us to cherish every moment.

Painting details:

  • Title: Tulip Reflections
  • Image size: 12" width x 16" height
  • Frame Size: 14" width, 18" height, 1.5" depth
  • Signed on the back and front
  • Acrylic paint on canvas board framed
  • Certificate of authenticity included

All of my paintings are professionally packaged with special care and shipped within 1-3 days. You will receive a notification with a tracking number.

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